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  • The best villa in Potos

    I was accommodate here 4 times and always I chose this place because is the best I could find in Potos till now. First of all I like here because they clean the room EVERY DAY which is very important, they change the linen and the towels every 2 days, everything is clean not just in the rooms but also in the garden. Second, the owners of the villa are very kind people, hospitable and help whenever you need something. The garden is very nice, there is also a little place for children, a barbecue, a place to eat in the garden, parking. The rooms are spacious, the bathroom is very modern…all the villa was complete renovated in 2011. I like here because is close to the centre of Potos and close to the beach.
    I will always book a room here because is my relaxing place in Thassos ever.

  • Can’t wait

    I can’t wait to come here again,
    I will be there on 1st of July 🙂

  • Great

    Haus Elsa is a very nice place to stay in and we had a great holiday there.
    I strongly recommend.
    Best regards to the owners of the pension 🙂

  • :D

    Kedves jφvυbeli magyar vendιgek! Ezt a helyet mindenkinek tudom ajαnlani. Az apartmanunk kristαly tiszta volt. A felszereltsιgre sem lehetett panaszunk. A szobαnkban volt lιgkondi ιs tιvι ιs hajszαrνtσ is, az edιnyekrυl nem is beszιlve. A szobαbσl kilαtαs nyνlt a tengerre ιs a hegyekre is. A tengerpart kb. egy vagy 2 percre van a szαllαshelytυl. A telepόlιstυl pedig kb. 4 percre, pont ezιrt nem zajos. A gyerekes csalαdoknak is kivαlσ, mert a kertben van egy kicsi jαtszσtιr. A kocsival ιrkezυknek pedig nem kell a melegtυl tartani, mert a parkolσ terόletet szυlυ lugas αrnyιkolja.
    De ami a legfontosabb, hogy az apartman tulajdonosai nagyon kedves, vendιgszeretυ ιs segνtυkιsz emberek. Pl.: A csomagjainkat kocsival vittιk a szαllαshelyόnkre, hogy nem kelljen mιg pαr percet sem cipekednόnk ιs amikor ϊgy dφntφttόnk, hogy maradunk mιg egy napot kerestek nekόnk ϊj szαllαst (nαluk mαr nem volt szabad hely). Imαdtunk itt lenni ιs mindenkinek ajαnljuk: Anna ιs Georgion 😀

  • greece holidays

    hello!I spend the most beautiful holidays in house ELSA and on the San Antonio beach.I hope to return next year in House Elsa.I will never forget this holiday!!!

  • excellent

    I would like to share my impressions with you about Elsa House.Absolutly, best apartments with best service, ever in Greece.All impressions are as for 4* hotel.
    The only things that could be better is : We needed more wardrobe and more artifical light on the balconies.
    Also, beautiful beach close by apartments and Potos 10min by foot.


    A really great pleasure our stay. We will be back soon . We promise!!!


    We would really like to thank Mrs Elsa for the great hospitality , friendliness and great holidays. Till next year Andrej & Family

  • elsahaus

    Hello. I want to give 10 for service,ambiance and beach and recomand all to visit elsahaus. Me and my friend visit in 2007 and Apostolos family is very hospitable.
    Then, go ……….

  • Excellent

    I’ve been to Tassos and I spent the most beuatifull hollydays. Haus Elsa is a special place to discover,a very nice place to stay in. I will come again this year. Best regards to the owners of the pension.

    cristian rusanu
  • :) lovely :)

    I visited the vila last year on 24 of may for few days. We were 6 and we had a lovely time!!!
    I would like to specially thank Apostolos and his family for the warm welcoming and the nice time we had with them.
    I strongly recommend you Haus Elsa.

    Alexandra Petsas

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